Guide To Checkmate Your Bad Habits

“Leaders are not born, they are molded by a remarkably similar, simple, and dynamic set of habits.” –Napoleon Hill

You feel your life controled by the bad habits that you acquired when you was a young. You think that it’s crucial to change or break them. You tried but you didn’t get positif results. العاب بنات

Don’t blame yourself because it’s not your mistake. When you was born no one told you how to change your habits. If you don’t have the tools to do it and and the right directions to follow, as many times as you try to change a habit you will get bad results.

I was in the same situation and I can understand you. But I had the chance to get the tools and techniques to successfully change my habits. So don’t worry, because in this article, I’m going to show you exactly what to do to change your habits in the next 30 days, easily and in the most successful way. Let’s Start

The 30 days challenge

The 30 days challenge are a concept that I learned from Steve Pavlina author of the very successful book « Personal Development For Smart People ».

Basicly you commit yourself to spend 30 days trying to change one habit. Pretty simple, isn’t it? It works because our brain only needs 21 days as Maxwell Malts said to learn a new habit.

I don’t want you to spend less than this time trying to change your habits. Commit yourself to this number of days. To help you remember that you’re having a challenge, you can use what we call post-it. Stick them in a place where you can easily recognise them

One habit at time

While I was trying to changemy habits some years ago. I thought I can change more than one habit at time. I’m sure that many of you tryied to do this but they failed. My suggestion to you is this:

Don’t try to change more than one habit at time because you have 99% of chances to fail.

Know your enemy

You ‘re saying to yourself « Anass, I’m not in a war, I don’t have enemies ». Your enemy (it’s just for humour) is the habit you’re trying to change or break. Spend time learning about what you want to change, read stories about people who broke this kind of habit. Get some tips on how to deal with it. It will give you some information on how you can face this habit and what’s the best approach to change it. And moreover it will boost your motivation and confidence because you will see that many people successfully change it, so you can do the same.

Baby steps are powerful, So slow down

You see, when you try to change something on you, It can be habits, thoughts, beliefs or any kind of things that you were doing for a long time. There is something on you that tries to hold you back from doing it… Comfort zone !

The comfort zone will tell you that you’re comfortable on how you are, that you don’t need changes. The more you try to fight this comfort zone directly the less chances you have to win. That’s why, a lot of people who are trying to do fast and big changes in their life usually fail. The only way to win over your comfort zone is to take small steps. And if you see, from the begining of the article everything I told you to do, wasn’t something difficult or big, from choosing to change one habit at time and taking time to change it, each day you’re doing some small steps to change your habits till the end of your challenge.

Small steps leads to success, never forget this !

Some words on motivation

When you want to change your habits, you start seen yourself behaving in a new way even before doing some actions. It’s mainly related to your level of motivation. In your first days your motivation is really high, maybe because you’ve just listened to a very inspirational person who broke that bad habit. But after some days things  can change. That’s why it’s important to work on your motivation, because without it, you can’t take action every day.

I’m going to share with you some suggestions to keep your level of motivation higher (those I personally)  :

  • The first thing is to wake up each day and repeat to yourself those words, let’s say that you’re trying to break the habit of procrastination, so you’re going to say «I’m fighting procrastination » 50 times in the morning and 50 times in the evening. Believe me  this is very powerful and it works (we call this self suggestion) :)
  • Positive self talk. I think that many of you are telling themselfs that they are not able to change their habits, that they can’t do this or do that. This way of self talking has a big impact in your mind and the way you behave. Positive self talk will help you become a much more positive person, with a lot of confidence.
  • Visualisation : Visualise yourself behaving with the new habit you want to learn. It will make your mind believe that those images are true, so your mind will give you the ressources to succed and learn  the habit. As Walt Disney said : « If you can dream it, you can do it ».

To sum up here are the 4 stages you follow when you want to change or implement a habit :

  1. unconscious incompetence – you don’t know that you don’t know
  2. conscious incompetence – you know that you don’t know
  3. conscious competence – you know that you know
  4. unconscious competence – you don’t think about it anymore: habit

I hope you enjoyed this article. I’m more focusing on giving the best thing I have because that’s how I can help you improving your life. Never forget to take actions, never forget to take small steps, and never ever forget to believe that you can do it. Because what you think is what you will become. Thank you for reading this article and I hope to see you here again, don’t forget to let me a comment if you have any question or suggestion.